Less can be more.

Digitally scale your firm with LockDocs.

As an asset manager, how much time and money is your firm spending to onboard clients and manage client data?

Way too much.

Our streamlined platform for digitized investor onboarding, automated subscriptions, and investor data management enables a frictionless investing experience from the first moment of engagement.

  • Freedom of data portability for your clients and their information
  • Client information is always up to date and in order
  • Reduce administration burden for staff and clients
  • Scale your business and raise more capital by accessing the broader investment community
  • Digital audit trails to ensure the firm and client remain in compliance

How it works

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simple set up

Provide forms and agreements in your ​own format - we'll do all the configuration

project management tools

Provide an instant snapshot

smart form configuration

Facilitates faster, more accurate form ​completion

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