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Customization & Collaboration Capabilities

Close deals faster

Streamline your capital raise with our comprehensive suite of tools which give you the power to scale your business and close capital faster.

  • White glove setup – We take care of all the configuration work and can get you up and running in days
  • Fully automated digital experience – Delight investors with a digital experience
  • Smart form functionality – The platform offers many tools that simplify completing complex subscription agreements correctly the first time
  • Upload existing client data – For easy form prepopulation
Form Editor
History Log

Navigate compliance effortlessly

With our built-in compliance tools and audit trails, demonstrating adherence to policies and procedures has never been easier.

  • Eliminate versionitis – A final package of all client data is retained on the platform
  • Built-in audit log – All key activities are logged and stored for future reference
  • Smart-form logic – Save time and money reviewing documents leveraging our smart-form logic
  • Limit access – Granular permission levels allow access to sensitive client data to be safeguarded

Leverage client data to derive insights

LockDocs generates actionable insights based on each fund, enabling you to optimize strategies and swiftly make informed decisions backed by data.

  • Fund dashboard – Provides details on fundraising status
  • Exportable data – Easily export data collected for analysis
  • Eliminate unstructured data – Use client data to generate business insights
Fund Dashboard

Customize your workflow and collaboration

Our platform is highly customizable and is built for collaboration.

  • Custom permissions – Designed to allow for easy collaboration with law firms, fund administrators, placement agents and team members
  • Workflows – Leverage the built-in workflows or customize to meet your requirements
  • Optional API integrations – Seamless integration with your existing CRM or book of record

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