Smart forms

LockDocs is designed to save you time and money while increasing the accuracy of your data.

Personalized form

  • Our white glove service promptly processes your documents creating digital input-ready forms, no matter how complex they might be.
  • Documentation requirements for your package can be configured by sending us an attachment request.

Digital signature

  • We’ve partnered with DocuSign as our digital signature provider.
  • View the signature status of your documents to keep track of who’s signed and who remains outstanding.
  • Our resend feature ensures that signature requests are always received.

Input requirements
& validations

  • We capture all the nuances of your forms’ conditional requirements during the configuration process.
  • Mandatory fields and attachment requirements can be tailored to different investor types.
  • Built-in data input validation capabilities for standard fields like dates, phone numbers, addresses, etc.

Completion tracker

  • Completion percentages display the number of mandatory fields completed/remaining at a glance.
  • Incomplete fields are automatically flagged.
  • Field completion tallies are also displayed for section of your document in a table of contents.


  • Tooltips are used in-app for key features to ensure a simple, user-friendly experience.
  • In-form tooltips clarify data requirements for specific fields.