Workflow management

Use the standard workflows designed to guide users through the completion process or talk to us about customized workflows that take into account specific requirements.

Due dates & automated reminders

  • You can set a due date when sending your LockDoc if there are time sensitive documents to be completed.
  • You can enable optional automated reminders for your clients as their deadline approaches.
  • Keep an eye on the completion percentage of your LockDoc to ensure your project stays on track.

Project dashboards

  • Project dashboards display important information about your outbound LockDocs.
  • Track statuses, completion percentages, projected investment amounts, clients, and due dates for your projects – with a additional information and settings available for your project management needs.
  • All team members can view LockDoc statuses.

Data export
& bulk download

  • The data entered into your LockDocs can be exported as a CSV file for off-platform needs.
  • Your completed documents can also be bulk downloaded in PDF format.