Collaboration tools

The platform is designed to accommodate internal and external stakeholders so that investment providers and their service providers can work together seamlessly.

Profile sharing & custom permissions

  • Access to data can be carefully controlled through granular permissions; for instance, access permissions can range from view only to full download.

Shared project dashboard

  • All users can access status information for each LockDoc.


  • Our notes feature allows your team to attach information to the project record of a specific LockDoc.
  • Notes are time and date stamped and traceable.
  • Only members of your team can view the notes on a LockDoc – they remain hidden from your clients.

Built-in messaging

  • Built-in messaging tools offer a convenient channel of communication with your team and clients without leaving our secure platform.
  • The functionality of email, without the inherent risk to sensitive client data.
  • Platform-specific additions – like the ability to link your message to a specific LockDoc – ensure a streamlined process.